Modern Beauty 12.20.21 – 7 CEU Hours

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Welcome CEU Students

We at New Age Spa Institute were glad to host your class virtually.
We hope you enjoyed the session with Ms. Anna and hope you are now experts in treating the skin for all of your clients. 

We’ve included a PDF copy of the presentation that is available to you for download here  -> CLICK HERE

Now that the class has concluded, you may access your quiz. If you need assistance please contact

·  The Modern Beauty Exam contains forty (40) multiple-choice questions related to the webinar and presentation. The quiz will only be accessible for thirty (30) days. After completing the exam and successfully passing it with an 70% or higher score, you will then be eligible to receive your “Certificate of Attendance”. If you are not successful on your first attempt, you will be given two (2) more opportunities to successfully pass the exam, to be eligible for your “Certificate of Attendance”. However, after three (3) unsuccessful attempts of taking the quiz, you will lose your eligibility for the “Certificate of Attendance”.  NOTICE TO EACH REGISTRANT: you cannot obtain your Continuing Education Certificate of Attendance without the successful completion of the quiz.

·  Once the exam is complete, you will scroll over My Account again and the drop-down box will appear. Click on Certificates. Click on the small Red box next to blue “complete.”  Here is where you can download your Certificate of Attendance. After you download your Certificate, you can save it on your device and/or print it out. **Certificates of Attendance will not be mailed or emailed.** 

· The following details the (2) Certificates of Attendance that all attendees will receive upon completing the Modern Beauty Webinar and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (10 CEUs total): 

– O Upon completing the webinar and exam, attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance for the event Modern Beauty: Trends vs. Fads vs. Innovations for 9 CEUs.

– O Upon completing the webinar and quiz successfully, attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance for the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for 1 CEU. (This class will also be made available to you through “My Courses”)