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Skin’s Inflamm-aging: Is the skin Sensitive or Sensitized?

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Skin’s Inflamm-aging: Is the skin Sensitive or Sensitized?

Continuing Education Units: 7

Many of our clients consider their skin to be sensitive. But is their skin truly sensitive or is it sensitized? These two conditions, although with some similarities, have different mechanisms of action that lead to what is seen as “general skin sensitivity”. In this class you will learn about different types of sensitive skin, various causes and factors leading to sensitivity. You will learn how to recognize sensitive vs sensitized skin along with learning treatment objective for treating sensitive skin. Recognizing various medications that client’s can be on and their input on skin’s sensitivity,  calming the client’s skin and easing discomfort with correct techniques and protocols is the focus of this class. This class covers ingredients, SPF protection, esthetician’s role pre- and post-injections, recognizing PIE vs PIH, sensitivities due to different skin disorders, understanding Fitzpatrick Skin Typing; that and so much more!


This is an approved Continuing Education Course for:

  • Estheticians
  • Esthetics Instructors
  • Cosmetologists
  • Cosmetology Instructors
  • Barbers


To access the PDF  to review before proceeding to the exam please click HERE.