Nails Mastered


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Nails Mastered

Are your clients experiencing nail issues? This class will provide you with the practical knowledge for your clients who have special health concerns. Those clients with such health issues as diabetes/immune system disorders cannot risk receiving nail services with less than excellent infection control. While some skin and nail symptoms can be harmless in today’s society successful nail technicians need to be armed with the knowledge to identify these issues to advice clients of health concerns before they become indicative of chronic diseases, including cancer.

What you will learn:

  • The appearance of the skin and nails as they relate to your health
  • Abnormal –vs- Normal Skin and Nails
  • How to help with Lifting, Splitting, Peeling and Breaking Nails
  • Different products used in the management of skin and nail problems
  • Specialty nail services
  • Implications of diabetes and chronic illness identified in clients while performing pedicures and manicure


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