Predict, Prevent, and Problem Solve


CLASS TIME: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM 

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Predict, Prevent, and Problem Solve
7 CEUs live classroom + 3 hours at-home study

Learn how to optimize your revenue.
Enhanced procedures like chemical peels, injectables, and light & laser therapies have gained immense popularity for their remarkable advantages among clients. These sought-after services not only have the potential to significantly increase an esthetician’s earnings but also help establish a devoted clientele captivated by their rejuvenated, healthier skin. The demand for “instant gratification” has influenced the way clients and patients see themselves and interact with beauty professionals. With an upsurge in spa technologies, estheticians who wish to remain competitive must extend a personalized approach to professional treatments by correctly selecting a modality that will best benefit each client’s needs. This course will concentrate on the latest advancements in treatments and techniques, emphasizing the intricacies of potential complications before and after the procedures.
You will learn:
• Basic and Advanced knowledge of LED, ultrasonic, galvanic, hydrodermabrasion, chemical peels, cryotherapy.
• Benefits and contraindications of all modalities
• Problem-solving with post-treatment care and progressive treatments
• Developing updates on the safety of nanotechnology, FDA regulations for cosmetics, and advanced skincare ingredients


*CEU 2023 Catalog Pricing Disclosure: We discovered a pricing error for the Predict, Prevent and Problem Solve CEU class. The cost of this CEU class is $199.00 USD. We apologize for any confusion caused. The pricing has been corrected, and all future registrations will reflect the accurate prices. The New Age Spa Institute genuinely appreciates your understanding and continued support as we work to provide you with the best possible learning experience. Thank you!


04/01/2024- 10 (7hr CLASSROOM plus 3HRS HOME STUDY)