Sexual Harassment Prevention Class Training for For Cosmetologists, Esthetician’s Teachers, and Nail Techs

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Sexual Harassment Prevention video and exam are located at the bottom of this page, scroll down to Course Content.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Cosmetologists, and Instructors


The State of Illinois passed a new law as of January 2020: all professional licensees, in the beauty industry, are required to complete a 1 hour training on Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. This program will provide you the 1 CEU hour needed to fulfill this mandatory renewal requirement.


New Age Spa Institute is compliant with the official IDFPR rules governing this new law and has met all the requirements. Below is a summary of the Illinois rules pertaining to the Sexual Harassment Training:

  • All persons who hold a professional license issued by the IDFPR division that are subject to the continuing education requirement shall complete a one-hour course in sexual harassment prevention training. A licensee may count this one hour toward meeting the minimum credit hours required for continuing education based on your profession.
  • The sexual harassment prevention training course shall include, at a minimum, the following topics: 1) What is sexual harassment, including its forms and types; 2) What should one do if one experiences or witnesses unwelcome sexual conduct; and 3) Reporting sexual harassment within one’s place of employment and to outside entities, such as the Illinois Department of Human Rights.
  • The course shall be presented in a classroom setting, webinar, or online.
  • The presentation of this course shall be subject to all other continuing education requirements for each profession.
  • Completion of this course shall be a condition of renewing a license. This requirement shall become effective for applicable license renewals occurring on or after January 1, 2020.


As of 2020, this new law requires ALL estheticians, nail technicians, cosmetologists, and instructors to complete one continuing education hour of Sexual Harassment Prevention Training in order to renew their license or to reinstate an expired license. There are no substitutions for this class. Please keep the following information in mind when registering to take this Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course.


  • In order to receive credit for this class, you MUST complete this class from an approved provider. New Age Spa Institute is a licensed BCENT Continuing Education Sponsor (license number 190000427) and approved provider. We have taken all appropriate steps to ensure this class meets all of the new requirements.



  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training done with employers that are not approved to offer this CE class will NOT count towards your license renewal. This includes majority of salons.


  • If you complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training class online through New Age Spa Institute, it will account for only 1 CE hour of the total CEU hours required for the September 30, 2021 license renewal (or reinstatement of an inactive/suspended professional license.)


New Age Spa Institute’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The training provided is a one hour long presentation followed by a quiz. Both must be completed within 30 days from the date of purchase. You will have 3 opportunities to successfully complete the quiz. If for any reason, you do not successfully complete the presentation and quiz within the allotted time, you will need to repurchase it. This class covers the following:

  • A detailed explanation of sexual harassment that is consistent with the Illinois Human Rights Act.


  • Defining sexual harassment, including examples and scenarios that may constitute sexual harassment.


  • How to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.


  • A summary of what employers are obligated to do when a sexual harassment claim arises. Including prevention, investigation, and corrective steps for sexual harassment issues in the workplace.


  • Resources to report sexual harassment as well as what to expect when you are reporting a claim. Including a walkthrough on how to submit a claim to the Illinois Department of Human Rights.


To help avoid any confusion about this new law we have supplied answers to some common questions below.

Is this a one-time requirement or am I expected to take this course again?

Sexual Harassment prevention training will be required for every renewal after January 1, 2020.


I already completed sexual harassment prevention training from my employer; does that count towards my CE hours?

It depends on whether or not your employer is an accepted or approved CE provider, and if you receive a CE certificate for the training. We encourage you to check in with your employer to verify.


Will the Domestic Violence CE course required for licensed professionals satisfy this requirement?

No, unless that course also covered the topic of sexual harassment.


How do I show proof that I completed the sexual harassment prevention training CE?

You must receive a Certificate of Completion and retain it for your records. The certificate must include the number of hours completed, the name of the sponsor or provider, and the date the CE was fulfilled. You may need to provide this certificate if you renew late, need to restore or reinstate an expired license, or if you are included in a CE audit.