Ultimate Instructor Guide for Transformative Education



Ultimate Instructor Guide for Transformative Education

Take your love for what you do and approach education in a format that fits your life. Learn how to successfully share your knowledge with others that enriches you personally and professionally. In this class, you’ll learn about various teaching methods and approaches aimed for nurturing and shaping students into professionals. Discover the driving force of students’ mentality and how to create a curriculum framework that is effective and stress-free. This on-demand course offers insight into trade and vocational school adult education, providing instructional strategies that are essential.

This class will shed light on different learning abilities and how to maintain class objectives through masterful communication.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Teaching theories
  • Teaching strategies for approaching different learners and multiple intelligences
  • Learning disorders vs. attitudes
  • Distinct approach to full-time vs. part-time students
  • Classroom exercises and tips to engage students
  • Overcome challenges in teaching post – pandemic students
  • Considerations for distinct age gaps on technology and social proficiency